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from studio and stage to screen

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that we would be creating ballet content for the next 10 years, we would've said “you're crazy.” No way would we be lucky enough to shoot such a beautiful art form, one that every film school kid dreams of getting the opportunity to shoot, And to do it every year with world-class dancers? PINCH US. 


What has evolved over years of collaboration is a relationship so symbiotic, the rehearsal tower has become our second home. From humble beginnings, a small promo here and there, to a dance film produced in 2021 in collaboration with Choreographer Cathy Marston, we have had every opportunity to flex our creative muscles and learn a little about ballet along the way. 

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Cinematic Trailers

How do you tell the story of a ballet in 30-60 seconds? Adapt that story to the screen, of course! Understanding the plotline, the characters and what drives audiences to see the performance helps guide us to re-concept these beloved fables.


These trailers started humbly with an incredibly minimal crew and some very tight time constraints. However, working with The Joffrey Ballet, we wanted to show a really cool proof of concept. Once it was proven to work, we have been able to continue to push the limits of production each season.





‘BERTHA’ was a unique experience since we typically capture ballet intended for the stage. This was the first time we worked on something where film was the intended medium. 


We had the privilege of collaborating with the brilliant choreographer, Cathy Marston, who, prior to this, staged her piece, ‘Jane Eyre’ at The Joffrey Ballet. She had always wanted to explore the character of Bertha more and thus, the idea for this film was born. 


Working from Switzerland over Zoom, she collaborated with the Joffrey dancers to choreograph Bertha’s story in a single room. This included her reality of being trapped in a cold attic, interspersed with flashbacks and visions from her past. We scouted a location and provided dimensions, which were then taped off in the studio and they got to work. Meanwhile, we studied rehearsal films and started creating a shot list. 


The entire film was shot in one LONG day, with Cathy on Zoom through the night many timezones ahead of us. The result, a stunning extension to her staged work of ‘Jane Eyre.’ For now, enjoy the trailer. The film has been entered in a handful of festivals - and will be online shortly after any premieres (fingers crossed!).