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en pointe

from studio and stage to screen

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that we would be creating ballet content for the next 10 years, we would've said “you're crazy.” No way would we be lucky enough to shoot such a beautiful art form, one that every film school kid dreams of getting the opportunity to shoot, And to do it every year with world-class dancers? PINCH US. 


What has evolved over years of collaboration is a relationship so symbiotic, the rehearsal tower has become our second home. From humble beginnings, a small promo here and there, to a dance film produced in 2021 in collaboration with Choreographer Cathy Marston, we have had every opportunity to flex our creative muscles and learn a little about ballet along the way. 

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Cinematic Trailers

How do you tell the story of a ballet in 30-60 seconds? Adapt that story to the screen, of course! Understanding the plotline, the characters and what drives audiences to see the performance helps guide us to re-concept these beloved fables.


These trailers started humbly with an incredibly minimal crew and some very tight time constraints. However, working with The Joffrey Ballet, we wanted to show a really cool proof of concept. Once it was proven to work, we have been able to continue to push the limits of production each season.