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We’ve seen with our very eyes how Hop Butcher can take the simple act of brewing with hops to another level.  For them, brewing is this delicate blend of art and science, play and experimentation, hop pairings with endless flavor combinations.  They are a business 100% fueled by their obsessive passion for hoppy beer.  Likewise, when they first approached us, they wanted their videos to be crafted in the same innovative spirit… Out of the box; an experiment in taste for their audience.

Below is a sample of the ongoing work we create with the “Butchers.”  We feel it’s a prime example of how to stand out amongst the crowd, by creating new experiences through video.

brewin' up

not your average craft beer brand

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RIWAKA || A Hop's Journey From Farmer to Brewer [FESTIVAL CUT]
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Documentary Storytelling

Riwaka is a rare and difficult-to-cultivate hop in limited supply… Which made the folks at Hop Butcher all the more excited to get their hands on this forbidden fruit.  “Riwaka” is the story of HB’s journey to brewing a beer made exclusively with this hop.  While the format (documentary) is traditional in form, the story serves multiple functions.  It both gives beer lovers a peek behind the curtain into the story of hop farming, AND a peek into Hop Butcher’s process and passion. We only submitted to a few festivals but it was well received and intrigued festival goers with this behind the scenes look into the craft beer world.



If you’ve seen a can of Hop Butcher in your local bottle shop, then you’ve seen the artwork of local legend Dan Grezca.  He’s handcrafted each label since the brewery's inception.  We get the tremendous pleasure of taking this artwork and bringing it to life.  These short animated loops we create are not only memorable moments in a social media feed, but they add to the narrative of the beer.  They continue the story that Hop Butcher is trying to tell with each new beer they release. To date, we have animated 150+ unique labels!

Can Label Anchor
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Doc Storytelling Promos

It all started with a collab. The Hop Review (former craft beer blog in Chicago) was hosting a festival featuring beer that was “Ultra Fresh”, the namesake of the fest, featuring beer that had been packaged within 5 days of the event. To promote it, we created 3 short vignettes featuring Hop Butcher, known for their super hoppy beers best enjoyed fresh. These videos followed their beer Galaxy Bowl from the brew kettle to the can. We had full creative control of approach, so we took some fun, thematic risks with color style, First fully committing to black and white footage in “GRIT” on a RED Monochrome. Then introducing color for “GRAPHIC” then combining the two looks for “GLORY”.